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Katherine Ung runs Hydroholistic in London.

In her own words, this is what she says

"Before electing to go on the course taught by the (London) School, I spent a lot of time researching the different trainings available and found the tutors at the (London) School to be very approachable straight away which immediately put me at ease.

They asked me a lot of questions about my intentions and ambitions, in order, to give me advice on how to best prepare myself for the training and also for my business afterward. This meant that even before starting the course I was already organising my business.

The training was extremely thorough and provided far more information than I had imagined. I found myself turning into a competent confident therapist in 7 very intensive days.

What was really useful was the support I got afterward with my practice. I knew that I could pick up the phone if I had an urgent query. The homework which we were asked to do afterward was also an invaluable experience with lots of feed back which consolidated my confidence and practice."

Catherine Hood (Visceral Massage and Tuning )

As always a very informative day as Anne Lise has such a depth of knowledge and is so passionate about her subject. She is always very supportive and patient if any concepts are difficult to grasp. I definitely recommend her training!

Sandra Gibbons (Professional Course in Naturopathic Colonic Hydrotherapy)

Anne-Lise is a tutor of the highest calibre. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge is second to none. Though the course is intense, the groups are small, so teaching is tailored to ensure individuals have the knowledge they need to become a competent colonic hydrotherapist. There is ample opportunity to practice the procedure so the student feels confident to perform colonic hydrotherapy safely. I can highly recommend this course and I feel lucky to have had Anne-Lise as my tutor. Her support and guidance has been second to none.

Niamh Smith (Professional Training and CPD)

Since learning and experiencing the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy, I always wanted to help others gain those amazing benefits and clarity of mind. I knew from my research that Anne-Lise was one of the most sought after and respected tutors in her field. The training is intense, although very rewarding. I am now qualified and building a great practise helping people in an area which is perhaps often overlooked and misunderstood. Anne-Lise and Brian are amazing people and I am delighted to have had the experience to train with them, the knowledge that I have gained has been beneficial to many areas of my life.

Shirley MacDonald (Professional training)

Anne-Lise is an exceptional teacher. Her knowledge and passion are second to none. The course is structured very well to allow a balance between practical sessions and working from the teaching manual. The teaching is both comprehensive and intensive. Anne-Lise is happy to offer continued help and guidance. I cannot recommend this course highly enough!

Bernie evers (CPD Visceral massage)

I had a lovely day at the training. Anne- lise as always ever soooo informative. It took my stomach massage during colonic treatments to another level!! Thanks again!!